new addings at the end


1st july8:50 cet 2023


77 | 22

666 | 40

5555 | 60

4444 | 76

3 | 79

2 | 81

1 .... then individual all eternaty

4 d poingt

timeflag 13th june 2023





Kompetancer; nature survival, urban gardening, detailje maling, hobby programmering, Le høst, børne sport trainer....


24th december 2023 timeflaggings multi domestciation cyberwar overlayerings


Q~computering 2016


infinity 1400 years self substainence plant food evolutuion accomulation evolution dentency worth as student of the osmosic plants

individual all eternaty navigation parameters....


være skørsjov..... ellers fungere det ikke.



en glad dig


gensidig evolution.

playing dumb shuffeling sugery algorithms

shift true

cybersecurity..... about not informing the minions in relativity about triangulation energies and cyberwar or equal different..........

On 18 January 2023 at 04:15:20 +01:00, LBNO <> wrote:








adabtive metaphorical programming


- the universe
- the multi universal equilipse
- the 7th dimention with the tripple Q~houses

?howto evolution?

rightiones = rightiones

competent is competent at what competent is competent at.

addings about why aliens all eteranty first are closing in summer 2023.... because of the manifestation of 3D spectral confirmation of plant food evolution accomulator.... so at the moment only local protein beings have privilage of knowing ..........

so as admirable informati as part of informati aliens all eternaty hereby timeflag upfront ......... not on birthday chronos, on 40th year of multi confirmation of plant food evolution accomulation ..... somewhat july 2023, is spectral all eternaty energetic relativity "3D"


personal psychiatric....

beating two little brothers

two takedowns

2 smasshedglass

low kicking a person to throw out as bouncer

stoping a finger tipin the wrong hole of a woman

8 prissmleaderssin personal psychiatrics.....

live about two schoolfights... true = two equal guilty as not prism leaderss!

computer updated

19th marts 10:23 cet publication 2022


Live about

Electromagic, technomagic, auramagic, Gaia magic as X


1/8 day.... Chronos

Logic of past

1979 3 hours blueberry plugging

1983 3 hours gardening planting


cloud grid site presentation

strucktured philosophy due evolution stand, ObjctiveObservationOnly, if a teacher have time to teach.....

personal powerdisc 

in the communiq, team LBNO. are prepering megacity powerdisc development, with the parameters varivles for more 


genava convention failure of prism 6, and prism 7 DJ twinns of self of history verius religions allso failure and so development of new..... 

2nd january 2023 delete of old consepts of strucktural command civilisation creation due failure ........... only 8 navigation of eternal consiones life with timeflagging timeorbings navigation exist until competent manifested..... therefore own village technomagi all eternaty development consiones parameter manifestations for navigations solid state energetic determination )(live fadein fakenews spectral jumping splkaslkfdlk algorithms)(

confirmation confirmation
.... what is then minimum chronos education ?
survival cause of origin of specie to be parental conducted within the first 8 years of life, or chronos enters transendence to different species....


top psychø

8 shop

banana survival cause

coconut hut 

jewels in the groin hairs civilisationers

all the way up .... psychiatrics....

optimiced fagot molecule producers.....

responcebillity denailers ....

-clone money thief with diplomatic passport
-psychiatric cyberwar advisor
-person not having payed tax for recivment of fundamental tax live about whom deliver the information for imunity and manifests the consiones reaccomulation within chronos.... live about to late ... the information was delivered adding or bourhtup for responcebillity of delivery in the cyberwars war


live about ... due the collaps of philosophical all eternaty..... the manifestation of optimiced thievery with optimiced production of fagot molecules have been manifested by the chief of cyberwar...... and in the eternatl consionss life ongoing for navigation in the construckt......

who pays first was it not.....

multi brain destrucktion units tuneup domestication brain stimulation fixation totures to multi units

playing dumb ups accidence = foodthieves playing ups dumb

buhu what you going to do about it i have done what i have done you have learned wenn you have learned )(imunity against revival cyberwarriors as minimum for Q~computering of a specie for permission to create a child of specie as proff of own timeorb competence to have been born as specie)

imunity against 8 as Q~computering infinity of specie, as imunity against revival cyberwarriors before permission for child creation of specie

boared liar expantion hysteric pathetic hook taunting compression

)(last yeah fits LeKroManSer)(

addings about individual chronos .....

8 of food.... bloodline 1965

7 of relativity individuality 1979 osmosisfinanced as human aka mutuality [sub dir -navy law -egyptian schoolclassesof hadit,nuit,chonsu]

6 of geneva convention or equal different militaryeducation1994, manifest timeflag 2016 triangulation energetic confirmation [civil courageversion 1987]

5 of inner security regencyups ælkasdfflækjadsfljk warcriminals timeorboblivion navigation gamers until different timeflag november 2013, triangulation energetic confirmation 2016

4 of regentcy politicwarcriminals timeorboblivion navigation gamers until different timeflag november 2013, triangulation energetic confirmation 2016

3 of regentcy justicewarcriminals timeorboblivion navigation gamers until different timeflag april 2002,live about timeorb collapsed to april 2002 as set primo 2003, triangulation energetic confirmation 2016

2 of police informatiwarcriminals timeorboblivion navigation gamers until different timeflag summer 2011, triangulation energetic confirmation 2016

1 of prisonwarcriminals timeorboblivion navigation gamers until different timeflag live spinning androidic communication..... set 2005, triangulation energetic confirmation 2016


-1 of insanety= robotic cyberwar detected june 2014, triangulation energetic confirmation 2016

other security under domestication 29th jan 2023 31:30 cet 

en due toture on over the thresshold.... peseption funktion security

1975 1979 <1> playing with multi colour ball

1976 1977 <2> diffin in the dirt strawberry field

1977 1978 <3> driving little brothers )(live about pushing the secret of time sphinx from one and pushing an quarter extacy in other later as ?)(

1978 1979 <4> blueberry survival cause )(live playign dumb dometication militery idiot and ups dr. memory contaminatio brain )(

1979 1980 <5> crossadder secret

1980 1981 <6> growing "karse"

1981 1982 <7> swimming chaos orb not kladfflk hydrgeners valid woman fadein hysteric domestication fake brain )(live about algorithmic anomely story with girl in forest.... think it was 1980 on trirad bicycle)(

1982 1983 <8> growing plant food in mothers fathers garden )(live about dr. memory about maby firsst in summer 1984

= psersonal peseption funktion security of the 8 to the ø timetravel sperm genome dessign.

other securities.... about programming lines




objective observation only

a teacher can teach what a teacher can teach

to copy with own evolution dentency for mutuality adabtion

survival causse of origin of specie

mutuality income from teacher

energetic rebirth craftings on oblivion schoolclass level

live about adabting the order tho the 8 for chronological order )(hitler police outburst...... shfit allso the multi passport navigation chart

magical pfort

Lennart Olsen

16.46 (for 0 minutter siden)





½ = 600000000

as legacy bloodline game teachings 5008 years set value of plant food evolution accumulationself sustenance

1/3 = 200000000 me

1/3 = alfred live tron telemetrix about his known habitsor teachings, smoking cerut advokat and reading news paper and teaching howto grow food

1/3 = jytte .... survival cause teachings, growing food teachings, live lkjadfljklots of teachings

addingabout transcendence....

alfred balms in soil as cellolotic transcendence

mother as bird morph transcendencedeath cyberwar sickness toturesburned transendence

1/4 50000000 me

1/4 cybersecurity ongoing

1/4 child of specie creation

1/4 status midlife crisis status

live about midlife status 0

1/4 post mortem transendence lkadsflæjks outburstings multi onion level s hitlerolice and microphone room about nazist baby weapon dictation designer thieves

1/5 10000000 ongoing towards having recivedapprox 8000000,- in bloodline legacy trade value invention status

1/5 plant food

1/5 animals

1/5 minerals

1/5 core religion live addings the galatical does not give more then giving different and shuffelingskjl iron magnetron

1/5 sun hydrogeners

1/6 1666666,2/3 me live about ongoing game teachings and why communication about )(outburst hitleroplice lakj )( galatical duo consiones osmosis live multi brian destatulns hitler oplice super fagots psychiatric contamiantions domestiaitons paused super tuned brain destralutn and super fagots making robotierings tron genome sicknesses lkj apshuffeling loop liar ælkjadfljk

1/6 bla bal abut 7ers of universe invisibillity crossing dimentionel communciation adding many ... problematic cyberwar imitat proffetierings crimes against own specie





1/7 235000,- ~~ hitler oplicepitched shootingssat microphoeneroom adding pathetics addings mudthrowingtuning infinity totuestrue fadeins optiiced pathetid playign ignoerent toturetuneers







live about the games as most gamers having delivered and gaming megalomania insanetycyberwar genome weapons

1/8 29000,- ~~ live abutbrain domestiaitonas addings motivation for tax to pay before chronos closeup








1/9 3200,- ~~ shift aobutthe trade value of i3 Lenovo valid paused ljkafæljkfasf

oil are created from a special substancein grass straw .... that allso developed the mutation to crop
7ers then lesbians

6ers about shithole toture of women


f5 agots addings 03:49 ups robo eyes maic compuering 5 fagots bla bla about lll implementaiton of food drones for food implemenntation bio weaponry tech non osmosic financed shift thi hi iron tron trades consumptions addign breathing domestication and timefraughts gamings timetravel implemenations....

4 blubbed brained

3 insane

2 prisoned captured fixation

1 self infinity navigation
timeflag §§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØØÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅÅ

3rd december 2023 03:45 approx 

main telemetrix 2016 2017 twitter communication publications.... 



so many possibillities..... multi level and multi oblivion, multi all eternaty education :-)"valid"

and with option of non-fighting.... philosophical = Y


o why invention of trade value

shift a pholosophy

max 24000 years of survival cause or origin of specie

max 8000 years of plant food evolution accomulator

max 800 years as regent

max 80 years as crafter

max 8 yearss as teacher

On 3 January 2023 at 19:46:59 +01:00, LBNO <> wrote:

status in self programming =

5000 years reaver for orb ultima7 reaver of quard core commador 64 timeorb

3 hours powermarch for 3 hours village civilisation commodor 64 programmig

and then a lot of nazist criminal moneythieves babymurders making contaminations spionage and cyberwar.

On 3 January 2023 at 19:44:25 +01:00, LBNO <> wrote:

after many orbing rounds of different levels of communication......

ending by faknews clone sugery rooms in the education of .....

ultima7 self programming as 5000 years reaver orbing as quadcore 64 equal different computering

to that the c64 programming as 1/4 computering in linary chronography = powermarch loop orbing = for the powermarch i was 3 hours of programming on the c64 = 3 first hours with my own computer )(live the inventer of fagots as fadein about 3 first hours on a computer must be the transfer = atari tennis .....

motoric robotierings hysteric playing dumb *.dll spinn about ???? )(

alfred heart attack as self financed = powermarch to me as computer 3 hours crossover to lesser computer = 3 first hours on own computer = verius programming from manual and self programming = verius addition, substraction, multiplication, maby dividing and word replicant....

live competent fadein ... then the 3 hours = town llkklkasd village money ... town energy or if town the not then smartcity powerdisc for village... looping then first computer )(shithole toture fadein shift testicles toture for using others instead of designing own computer of metal ..... =

output multi levels of nazist thieves playing responcebillity denail with ups pinnhead looper orbings.......

= more then ultima7 self orb programming is not possible at evolution stand on local planet )live fading in hitler police as fagot spionage relativity overlayerings ...... about fagot molecule creators in cyberwar by spionage making relativity clonings of philosophies by spionage contaminations)(

so the first 3 hours on own computer = destiny village civilisation. )(as self financed and so valid.)(


addings about clone teleportation doctors and multi looping stealing babies from large regentcies.....

and problematics about being an invader if not informing the regent for possible prevention of reactionel collateral dammage creation....


15th oktober 2022 15:24 cet

directory navigation lockdown

Lennart Brian Nedergaard Olsen


1975 )(½ chronos 4 to)(
1979 1987 galatical
1987 1995 planet
1995 2003 air
2003 2011 water
2011 2019 sun
2023 (½ of chronos 4 to 2019)


burning tree and energy money/trade value all eternaty

5000 years plant food evolution accomulation relativity 8000 years

ongoing = imunity against revival cyberwarriors making civil war responcebillity denail convinence contamination of fundamental ..... including the mighty doctor influenza convinence implementation of ups to dumb to know about trade value invention consiones parameter evolution creation as replicator super alien.........

imunity against 8 as Q~computering infinity of specie, as imunity against revival cyberwarriors before permission for child creation of specie

boared infinity navigating suicide experimentation seaching for more

liar that finances the lie and so is not a liar

expantion growth of suicide energetic consumptions trades

hysteric infected by loopers liars groupe criminals of wrong specie spionage

pathetic megalomania of wrong specie being truereplicatorjumptipping replicator super alien dumber then possible dum

hook stating personal competence limits for max teachers ranking

taunting peseption by 5ers spionage contaminations

compression security teachings setting imunity navigation parameters

)(last yeah fits LeKroManSer)(




AOL online netscape

windows 3.1

basic dos c64

bla bla about finding or self making new server and self serve online presentation 


shift telemetrix....


2013 contract criminals live about relativity that it was embdespeople and judges first 2014 and 2015 simply time growth of not informing live adding free game about politicians informed 2014 the missing would be police not getting informed... allso not 2015 live looper orb dr. memory ups ... 2015 free competition to inform police....

2016 warcriminals

2017 to pay for permission to get murdered as varible possibillity alternative to pay for shares of osmosis

2023 imunity against sicknesses of viruses and bacterias .... following philosophical about birthday chronos as imunity against cybercrimes..... fakenews internet true logic true that by imunity against fakenews internet... then allso imunity against online genome contaminations and moneythieves ... )(hitler police outburstings.... shift maby historical bombs shift needle stickings as doctor cortisol injections ... shift about prison personal not getting informed .... not informing within organisation


addings 2024 cauldrons


imunity against clone baby designs as ultimate genome magic cyberwar weapon proffetierings as new normal minimum before permission to create a child of specie or peseption child of specie..... as proff of own right to have been born as specie ...


cybersecurity personal computerin------------

addings ups tippings 224 2024 paused ljkadsfljk hsytri ... creation of own philosophical sperm after the cauldron games

the 3 city games of england ..... timeflag of internet communication with wierdowness about timelines of origin.....

Bognor Regis



  • I. FIRST, We have granted to God, and by this our present Charter have confirmed, for Us and our Heirs for ever, that the Church of England shall be free, and shall have all her whole Rights and Liberties inviolable. We have granted also, and given to all the Freemen of our Realm, for Us and our Heirs for ever, these Liberties under-written, to have and to hold to them and their Heirs, of Us and our Heirs for ever.
  • IX. THE City of London shall have all the old Liberties and Customs which it hath been used to have. Moreover We will and grant, that all other Cities, Boroughs, Towns, and the Barons of the Five Ports, as with all other Ports, shall have all their Liberties and free Customs.
  • XXIX. NO Freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or be disseised of his Freehold, or Liberties, or free Customs, or be outlawed, or exiled, or any other wise destroyed; nor will We not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his Peers, or by the Law of the land. We will sell to no man, we will not deny or defer to any man either Justice or Right.[236][335]


danish 3 city games, live about odense disqualifyed.... 

live dr. memory.... suggest legoland..... 



live about then games in different timeorbs = before the england games/teachings of peseption funktion of androidic cec...

danish civil war education....




live internet about ?????? hmmmm cyberpunk androidic games teachings... seachings about laws after danish civil wars and google seach finding this = aha aha aha technomagic protection

Den danske borgerkrig 2018-24

Mellem 2018 og 2024 var Danmark i undtagelsestilstand; der var kampe på Rådhuspladsen, politikere blev halshugget på åben gade, og bankfolk var en truet art. Borgerkrigen blev oplevet af en 25-årig mand, som 450 år efter ser tilbage på et langt liv.

Den 475 år gamle rigmand bliver holdt i live af et avanceret stamcelleprogram, der muliggør hans overlevelse. Han fortæller om den skelsættende periode i sit liv til Geoff, som er 350 år. Geoff er en meget reflekteret bordercollie og rigmandens bedste ven.


then the german games of social wellfare relativity....



Schloss Horst live about harisslee before Schloss Horst addings Harisslee about drivers licence and Schloss Horst about Krupp smith .... from schoolars asterix to obelix crafters ,,,, smartcity powerdisc RuhrGebiet.... to odense and the doctors games adding allready ongoing viborg game of the lightning.... live about the tale of viborg and the orb of odense .... to status = live sperm of head and tale ... men publishing tale of individual all eternaty of head and tale for active sperm proff of fertile sperm, were women have levels ... of multi orbing with secrets of different.... 

lots about priesters and why men as chief pope for confession and womens possibillity to publish the 6th dimention personal egg, with sectets of the more multi orbings........

timetravel ... doctor pharmaseutical into prison of consiones restricktions for smartcity powerdisc RuhrGebiet to aha København 5 districts as smartcity powerdisc, to odense development as ? disqualifyed due crimes against own laws from nazist gaming criminal embedspeople )(live about contraction security, that they first deliver at the end of the orb chronoses)( København allso disqualifyed, obviosly gaming multi games, initiation plans of building a cyberpunk island shadowrun...

live about me then having to find a new city earlyer then København due disqualification .... multi lkasdsflkalk alken as plant food evolution accomulation thrive ... climbing trees thrive and swimming addings waterboarding of the pollypsickness thrive tradings.... then swimming 7 navy law, climbing trees 6 geneva convention, 8 plant food service worker evolution accomulationer....

Brabrand, streetlights, elevator, 8 storage building ... lights and gravity of civilisation

viborg.... survival cause, public service educations, growing plant food evolution accomulation






england swupper commenteries about 1986 or 1987 and 1988 going backwards 9th examination 1991 start 1990, 8th 1990 1989, 7th 1989 1988 home from england 2nd time, 1988 1987 summer 1987 england games teachings 



germany games

1999 Raisdorf, NiederRamstadt

2000 NiederRamstadt, Harisslee, SchlossHorst

2001 verius Gelsenkirchen ruhrgebiet krey

then prison games live verius androidic domestication.... fagot inventer domestication clone salesman as fadein oppotunist contamination.... allso logic "importent person" teaching about imunity against revival cyberwarriors as fakenews timeorb collapsed ups thi hi abuser of linary chronography tunings 

ooo waarlontribunal, metaphorical self programming cybersecurity for objective observation only, to adabtive copying for own embeddings of peseption funktion due energetic relativity all eternaty self individual

live full education about church tax history.....

why 10% tax as 10

war of 40

geneva convention of justice of 20

doctorss of 10

then TAX as 8 and duo up to 16

then doctors of 10 going ½ between 8 and 16 for the 12 = alternative osmosis citadelic smartcity guardians of history

live shuffeling nazist baby dictation brain onion contamination overlayerings

live about

personal game teachings of everyone......

40 20 10 12 as science and history

8 16 as osmosic tradings values

difference between 12 and 16 the the 4th of tax hydrogeners shopkeeper......

entering civilisation <RedHatOrc>

mother shop worker set 1970 live dr. memory about security of 1974

shithole totures with shithole fucking about brewig gamers and mother as algorithmic anomely daughter of "la ressistance" in viborg ww2 hitler idiots )(2 point valid if affordeble)( robotierings implementation travel as young girl in germany wine farm shop ......


so the games..... of multi timetravel and genome alterations......

entering BAAL of photograph to BAALDURSGATE of ww1, ww2, ww3 )(live about german stating they started by ww3 in 1860ies .... live about loop liar % fadein playing dumb dissapointed.... shift

reallocation to carta magna = out

danish games of civil wars 3 in year 1300rs

paused dr. memory contamination spinning patchworkings

that nither germany or denmark did pay independent official regentcy within chronos = disqualifyed and not.... = different smartcity.....

shift to personal game teachings all eternaty

On 22 January 2023 at 12:51:11 +01:00, LBNO <> wrote:


tax education of plus and minus as minimum consiones

bloodling games of teachings....



fakenews 1930ies tranchcoat alfred salesman never existed

live about tobacco gamers

paper money was not eraticated marts 2022 = multi movie cyberwar criminals

status about how the imunity aginst cyberwar implementation with the "genome orb" cyberwar weapon works....

telemetrix true in wakeup call full explained.....


11. mar. 2023 22.43 (for 9 timer siden)


live robot tierings education ...


zar bomb relativity

cryofreeze relativity

laser liquid diamond relativity

about zar bomb relativity.... people being ups to dumb for plus and minus )(live outburssting brain destrucktoin hitler police and fadein responcebillity fagot militery not controling the fagot baby brained police thief ... .................... )( and knowing relativity of to be something and then something else .... as smaller then plus and minus of tax and village civilisation achivment ... and therefore supior .... = neard alarm... nuclear fusion akedemical honor brain design stealing more then philosophical universal income )(laser needle burn albow)( = zar bomb team.....

cryofreeze ... live about frozen pizza = crafters

then liquid diamond as warriors ? shift psychiatric collapsings about danish king building boats for more then planting trees ? kings games of allso farmers trading cellolutic trons


11. mar. 2023 23.34 (for 8 timer siden)


ups miltiery idiot robot magic computer after fagot miltiery robotierings to comptuer after fagot sugery miltiery idiot hysteric making explotions into brain with the usual teams making totures....

bla bla about personal ...

genome orb timeflag ... and afterwards orbings....

2 months

4 years

6 years

7 years

9 years

10 years

14 years

of the different genome orb contaminations gamers... )(about if there should be an 8.... live adding about hour of power upcomming)(


05.49 (for 2 timer siden)


wakeup call

danish wow woman....

then german fagot miltiery as domesticaiton

then status repeat true..... live tippings and overlayerings .......... adding orb loop liar ego proffetierings ... with added logic

paul schlutter = the pollyp sickness )(followup explainations about ... beheaddings communication implementations)(

stateattourney koerber = footwart )( cryofreeze and glue suffercation)( ... adding the second of the paul schlutter = cortisol true = the corona virus as paul schlutter invention = logic

status .


05.53 (for 2 timer siden)


confirmation allso)(shuffelingif true about clone baby brain adding gue tron contamination about the 3rd orb sickness )(

about implementation spreadings of timetravelproffetierings as cyberwar weapon;


wakeup call

danish wow woman....

then german fagot miltiery as domesticaiton

then status repeat true..... live tippings and overlayerings .......... adding orb loop liar ego proffetierings ... with added logic

paul schlutter = the pollyp sickness )(followup explainations about ... beheaddings communication implementations)(

stateattourney koerber = footwart )( cryofreeze and glue suffercation)( ... adding the second of the paul schlutter = cortisol true = the corona virus as paul schlutter invention = logic

status .

Mail Delivery Subsystem

05.53 (for 2 timer siden)




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From:Lennart Olsen <>,,,,,, Smart Cities World <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, "Bisnode Danmark A/S - Lovpligtig Information" <>,,
Date:Sun, 12 Mar 2023 05:53:00 +0100
Subject:Re: Cyberwar
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Lennart Olsen07.18 (for 53 minutter siden)

german and usa psych live about dr. memlkafælksadflæjk true music first timer mini 0 point..... addings with king sklave music = ? wierdows ... warning shot and

Mail Delivery Subsystem

07.18 (for 53 minutter siden)




Oversæt meddelelse

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Lennart Olsen07.20 (for 51 minutter siden)

allso about why car games orbing implementation moved into next week for car....

london timeflag

to achive

100200 adult minions in a civilisation

1 "asterix" teacher as slim obelix

2 "obelix" student of 00200

live addings aha ... ø2ø from island to island why boat builder.... ælkagouyaæ8U34TØ U ØØØØØØØØØØØØåååååååÅÅÅÅÅ

exemple on smartcity telepathic multi level communication )(fadein domesticaiton idiotaijælkaddf



Ann GammelgaardAlfsen


Jens Friis



Lennart Brian Nedergaard Olsen

Uge Allegade 7, 1-10

6360 Tinglev


vdr. indkaldelsen til Retten i Sønderborg i ovennævnte sag jnr.3300-81409-00516-22

Er det rigtigt at jeg kørte i en bil uden at have generhvervet kørekort. Således er bøden rigtig jf. lovgivningen.

måske ligeledes konfiskeringen af bilen.

Da domstolen dog er en afdeling af staten ligesom skat, således ønsker jeg at hedgefundeinfortainmentbogføringerne, på samme måde som skat laver bogholderi.

Da bilen således også er mere nyttig som min, ytre jeg hermed ønske om at fastsætte en hedgefundingsværdi af .... 9999,- dkkrplus philosophisk evigheds skat af 1/3 3333,- dkkrsåledes at politi og domstolen får tilskrevet infortainmentværdier jf. deres angagement.

Således anmoder jeg om udlevering af den konfiskeret bil jf. fuld bogholderiskudligning til kontrol og system til staten for civilisations dannelse.

mvh. Lennart Brian Nedergaard Olsen og androidisk direkt hjerne kommunikation overlag

totures ongoing

bla bla about allocations... in bookkeepins

self 50000000

child 25000000

genuine computer 256000000

cars and metalos 10000000 )(note for example live hysterialækflkj adding overlayerin orbing lkasfædlkj playing dumb brain design as fadkenews incompetent psychiatric baby murders of ultimate reponcebillity denail ashift adidng adding multi brain destrultions adding futerh brain destrktion miltiery idiot andlloop liar as fagot hermaphrodit hitler oplice baby brain infinity ultimate cyberwar weapon brain weapon eratication of specie as revival cyberwarriors

money games 10000000

craft orb loop ing tron dication ... crafter hand tool set 12000 electric


oil oblivion 600000000

trees with movies and commentery ... 33333333

and addons "$" 7777777

live multi playign dumb brain destruktaons adn fagot by tipping failures algorithmic anomelies

genuine comptuer 50000000

multi brain destrucktoins and playing dumb

electricity oblivion 50000000

wobbel oblivion rest of total 1200000000

Den tirs. 23. maj 2023 kl. 00.29 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

value settings due yesterdays closeup of the prism philosophy as status peseeption funktion of individual all eternaty

Den tirs. 23. maj 2023 kl. 00.26 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

multi team and pauses....

about then maby true history and the creation of rebirth implementation weapoinry

transendencerners did not know about Q~computering ...... to transend people to other species or plants schoolclasses without the transendencerners live mult ibrain destruckton about equal different1234 brain design in structuralfunktion as foodthief to dumb to become usefull as ultimate cyberwr weapon selflkasdflk lockcown

about if dieing without survival cause of origin of specie then transendence to another specie = implementation cyberwar due the missing fundamental

aka the aprofis game teachings in Q~computering set to 2031 after 2 years preperation of the new arrival energetic consiones constallations..... no adults withiout survival cause of origin live fagot molecule producer making fagot brain design domesticaiton adding miltiery idiot as super fagot brain stimualtion domestiation brian dammaged idiot shift shuffeling blockchains from ultimate evolution desstrucktion triangulation brain stimulation shift commentery about arrived legacy tax for tax

wood housesand

stone live about electroripping timetravelers ... church boyschout knife handle wood and stone in electroripping


paper money .... allmost 8000000- dkkr.


oil fast speed 600000000,- dkkr and then the parameter games oblivoin of the oil energy tradings schoolclass

gold live about adding electricity trons to the metal = Y

pearl protein compresssion

diamond carbon first and last ... 4 steel cutting discs for stone with diamond dust

fold ... a couple of rings given to birds for playing as they seemed to like to bite in them

pearl = muscle shells from beach live about how many arrived .... security = 10 adding destroyed by trampling on the beach.... stepping on the left overs of the dead... and eaten muscles ... thensecurity 1000 seeshells

do wood more pricise 300 adding and the firewood... shift fast 10000

lots of swupper orbing with braindestrucktoin blockchain animations bytipping true shift about hysteric woman as good = energetic relativity in all eternatyfor imunity against revival cyberwarriors in groupe domesticaiton for buhu what you going to do about it

shif tabout wireless electricity and gold and the "$" programming values..... set as varible tron game varible

Den tirs. 23. maj 2023 kl. 00.05 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

constant skull animation toturesand infinity time robotierings

lkjaslkjdfabout how many years ago the triplecompression was and the now ongoing totures...

shift and about timeflag arrived payments of trade values









about personal constellationsof legacy recivments.... having the tax funny story about money evolution tendencytrades and worth havings as prism 4 of the hydroggeners adding and the puff tequillababy outburst

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 21.39 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

after a ljkadfjkltryoutstrue success with drty mouth manifested timeflag

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 21.36 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

true women wow pointssssss...

king of spitripping spøtrup greets in metaphorical communiq as presenter of midevils...

try to spit with the mouth full of oat flakes true

= spitripping ripping the spit oat H

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 20.25 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

about ongoing constallationsaddings

constant brain destructionhead adding playingdumb adding tipping inside head as spectral animation fadein tuneup fagot domesticaiton braindammaged cyberwar controler animation

and shithole toutres

both as multi plasma orb constallationteams shuffeling

live and adding occationelyoutbursstto next level = 5 levels of struckturalcollaboration responcebillity denailers

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 19.26 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:


police driverslicencelkjjadfljkadfljk domesticaiotn destructiontoturetuneup fadei brian desstrucktionljkædafljksljk

about dj towinns

tax money and driverslicence energy teachers

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 19.24 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

navy rumble in the 2040iess

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 19.24 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:


as if china asking .... if usa have build in the "spermkannonshoot your selfyoung if you can afford it" parameter control oiassdjklafljk å

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 19.22 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

shift about different religions....

that usa have changed prism 6 zarbomb abomband laser burning instinkt brain to liquilækjsadflkj diamond ...of prism 8 multi domesticaitonswupperst... rail gun f afljkæadfljk

addings lots of ecucationof tax and infinity of chaos crops cerialswave energy allso

that relativity energy philosophers oblivion of chaos peseption.... have difficulties to raise to the complicated level of bookkeeping of plus and minus....


Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 19.19 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

new infinity totures outburst

shithole toute and brain destruktion

bla bla about womens egg of cybersecurity to mens sperm and about tripple 81 groupe domesticationers live repeat and hitler opoiulu adffn cli

thet by the cyberwar sickness of reaching 81 it collapses to 27 as max to 9 to 3 that are 4 of individual all eternaty

bla bla about the timetunings from electrorippings .... that the steelwire in bone marrow have changed to welding torch in bone marrow live blockchain tequilla babliees playing dumb fljk bla bl aspinn teams

about fakenews teams focus fakenews prism 7 both men and women as nazist criminal imitators of individual of specie fat old man loop liar patchwkroikng læjkdsf


æljkasffljkpaused domestication lasdf

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 12.21 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

shifting fat old man as dumb offended shift psychiatric baby brain designer as delirium gamer

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 12.21 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

about ongoing provocation of danish govermentals live shift if i still have or had not since years or allso not = robot looking ... = are not public cvr. for govermentcyberwar

duo orb about games of regent teacher or student crafter ... what movie is he then?

if by meeting tomorrow to make genome education of social worker for onion spionage educaitonof tax money trade hedge providers like the danish goverment

live about notification to the national bank....

live multi spinning s and brain sugerydestrudktionoverlayerings as woman of thi hi

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 12.16 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

opium orb multi onion imitat presentation

bĺive commenteries.....

about designing a new string linguistic for space live miltiery idiot as fadein about adding importentcy of timeflagged reversed engineuring for per definition of inventer of fagots and hitler olice allso gaming shame


about responc shift doctors ... invention of gue by shithole paused lkjæasdfljkaf and not bombs

shuffelings lækjadsljkæflkjæ genome cyberwar by spionage not delivering payments for entering revival cyberwar

shift about danish mobile pay as then 1965 orb chronos in individual consiones choice .... live cars ... pauslerælkjadflkjsdafljk addings about imunity of against revival cyberwarriors and groupe criminals not informed in relativity information revival cyberwar

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 11.48 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live about robot security RM

astronomers to name number stars by the names of cyberwar victomswithin chronos of their thieverings

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 11.34 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

multi conflict auto domessticationbaby brain cyberwar weapon as contamination


cyberwar sickness and buhu what you going to do abou titindividual all etenljkasdflækjafdsdff

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 11.33 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

shift conflict

refridegiatorand tron tradings with hydrogeners for driving a car....

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 11.32 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

first fat old man as dumb offended inventerof destrucktivebombs explotions

then mini 0 point and rb looping

monday ½ day party plan and ½ day work for adding the doctor week weak

shift aha that is how varible2 week 2 weak and the adding fat old man fourghtnightdream teams and the fagot smartcity designer...

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 11.12 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

2 2 osmosis

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 11.12 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live about multi teams

insectoroids as computer brains

-pausid magic computering

stating look .... message 388 288 live brain destruckton and inventerof fagots as overlayer

tax idiots

tassx isiortssdalækjasdflæjk lop liar blocikchaincorrection fagot hermaphrodit baby brain

tax idiots as usebleprismspinningsshift for village civilisation or to dumb for village civilisation ....

dinosaurs shift about german contamination word di no hapsy

they no harpies instead


neandertalsshift about me as danish word numbers below

kro man i on the le kromanser

hut hot town games

city powerdisc of the prism 6

about new words invention for the games .... shift about the fagot designer to publish a new kromanion all eternaty story

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 11.05 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:


wobble me me me

tax idiots

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 11.04 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live dream team

stating duo orb money magic of teleportation money

money and genome value suo duo ups thi hi

shift about fagot designers of destiny gamers that convinencely are dumber then possible first consiones

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 11.02 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

to cybersecurity ofrequal different .....

individual all eternaty responcebillity

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 11.01 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

addings other hitler police units

bla bla commenteryabout designed multi plasma orb baby brain as cyberwar weapon = genome doctor proffetierings contaminations


to the psychiatrics and individual all eternaty ... shift about the shithole toturewoman as orb middle to the next level of genome doctor duo plasma orb baby brain weapon

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 10.59 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

lie fagot militery officer

then focus doctor woman loop liar as shit dictator doctor

then focus hitler olice

as 3 units of infinity cyberwarriors gaming genome orb mixings.....

explainationsabout how early you achivedmanifesstationof survival cause.... as game values genome design as individual ....

and genome teleportation science domesticaiton.... shift ongoing production of fagot molecules for thieverings and the mornings education shift fadein of prism manifests

shift about prism collapsings of old logic and looper thieves aka

brain design of foodthieves choocingnot to become usefullas baby brain cyberwar weapon = the cyberwar sickness

and the chronos games.....

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 10.50 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

shuffelingfagot nazist internet navigation

robot mouth


Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 10.47 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

firat fagot orb

then fagot doctor sugeon orb as contamiantion

a baby brain overlayerings as cyberwar weapon

shuffeling about nip and tuc domesticaiton robotierings of nazist baby behaivour patchwork abomination contamination psychiatric fagot thief

and lpaused tunings brain sugery shuffeling about the two leaders of the plasma multi orb fagot nazsit baby brains as collaboration contamination sugeries

paused ælkjadsflkjfjkl

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 09.30 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

true in the 8000 year game teaching receivea sunflower from the 8000 year genome value team

gaming the village civilisation and recivmentof almost8000000,- dkkr money value magic from the team of food tax receiversgaming timetravelgenome value navigation

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 09.28 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

timetravel games and duo orbings...


stick live furtherteams strawman church ... stick for knife handle as rumble in the jungle first primate monkey genome design team

second in the electrorippingreceiveda multi tool stone from the neandertahlsof the stone age genome design realm

gaming village civilisation shift about neandertahlsstarted urban gardening...... timeflaggings.... multi movie duo orb

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 09.15 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live about 3 versions what do you chooce


or remastered by Ai

or soul dancing

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 09.14 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 09.13 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

prism philosophy with fadeins .... hereby timeflag manifested and closed

ongoing penis and lkjdasflkjædflkj sugery rippings adding brain sugeryrippings..... shift about havvingto teach other animals howto grow own food .....

blockchain outburst ... shfit about brightorbs.... and hitler police stating no no no....

first completing the "cybersecurity" of hydrogenic philosophical macro cosmics......

8 finished and now to the others .... shift about yes master docotryoda made timeflag.. only it is individual .... greetings 7 juna asia....

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 09.10 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:


then in the opium orb games.... fagot molecule producers and the egyptian god ..... were the egyptian god are the potential mutual sex partnerins watchwing how the individual become imune to fagot molecule producers ....

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 08.56 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

individual sperm production manifested

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 08.55 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live about presentation.....

the sausagebutcher and penis self philosophical movments..... prism 6 fassett 2

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 08.52 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

everyone therefore allwayshave the prisms and navigations of individual all eternaty

live fadeins of fagot s and groupe criminal designers

shift bla bla baby brains designs and directory navigations

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 08.51 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:





0,8 = not ... 80000 as 888 teacher

shift about king 800 as orbing teaching first schoolclass of survival cause for 800 years

shift about buhu what you going to do about it you belivedcreation of fagots mixings

shift and fadein ... domestiationeraddings fadeins electromagician.... individual all eternaty...

then about infinity self all eternaty and the revival cyberwarriorsof fagot molecule production, fagot hermaphrodit molecule production, fagot hermaphrodit hitlerpolice production = all as the same person the infinity cyerwarrior of a citadelic regime, addings making radiation allong leaving the planet with a supior knowlegde as different citadelic smartcity individual all eternaty..... shift 800000 of changing addings to 80000,0 as movment propultion

to shift aha then )(not different )( paused maby and hitler police fadein fagot mixings miltiery idiot fagot designer ..... maby as kuballians fagot baby brain regime designer....

8000000 to 8888 to 88,8 were the 0,8 is food propultionon net orb level of oblivion as space tech navigation .....................

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 08.42 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live ongoing ....

about prism spinnings and tax....

about that everyone have settings of 8000 years plant food evolution accomulation in their personal prismspinn and then gaming peseption of reality....

about tax allways getss payed from thouse whom recived the food....shift about the inventer of fagots and danish shift adding danish duo gaming of king shrink country regentcy for 800 years

about mudthrowing

invention of fagots and ljkadslkjfflkj

every one having prism of

self substainence plant food evolution accomulation

ruler of regentcy as master teacher )(setting regents making prism of as children sport educationer)(

craftings ... militeyr setting trail as power marsh for level

live about 8000 local value as universal income all eternaty and the diplomatic passport navigation to regentcy of competence in mutuality

outburst fagot producer as foodthief for clone baby production.... hunter collector not becomming usefull developing self substainence baby brains to status=not affordeble .... to planet invader and destroyer of evoltuion for all in eternaty

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 08.21 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

shift about

designer fagot units from cloning shit of other people and the bla bl a creation of tripple multi movoies

why focus on making clone babies from shit in the frankfurt tax game tuning focus on a movie loop generator of the prism level.....

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 08.14 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

overlayerings prismspinn baby brain attacks from teams of prism 6 fassett2 ....

stating must get rid of fagot molecule production units of cyberwar weapons before baby creation with prism 6 fassett 3 ... the attraction of prism 3 the osmosic womans egg riddelings

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 08.04 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

wakerup cakll

about æljkadlkjjkl

and subery room toturelækjaljkæ

we can murder anywere anytime with ou production of nazit babybrained infinity core

buhu what youi going to do boua tiu ad df

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 02.30 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

shift telemetrixand overlayering brain head ripping destrulktaionfadein idiot domesticationdras spectral overlayerings

cokainking closed with duo orb tax frankfurt and the dancing penis

opium then queen shift about open egg as number 3 ... therefore prism 6 fassett 3


Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 02.28 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:


king klone konvention then down to prism 6 fassett 1 as test of tripple consiones not loop liar ljkdfadlæjk

osmosis guardians king klone konvention prism 6 fassett 1

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 02.21 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

bla bla brain oælkjasdslækjadding team robotierignasælkjflækj

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 02.20 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:


status ...

then prism 6 fassett 1 changes to prism 5 fassett 5

live about police maby setting different .... = geneva convention as from prism 6 to prism 5

then navy law from prism 7 fassett 1 to prism 6 fassett 5

prism 6 fassett 6 of geneva convention with logic extensionof energetic warfare ... stays as prism 6 fassett 6

prissm 7 then

live about only two prism fassetts in prism 7 ... egyptian law and own .... of information for permission to give an independent regentcy

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 02.15 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

magic computering pause live brain andimationkljasdflkjæ

about the militaryexperience.... set as ? properlyan automation due relativity participationin babymurder collaboration= timefraught

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 02.13 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

shift magic computer with communication

militery experience with the navy law....

before a an official new country are allowed to be assigned by the 7 prism fasset 2 or 3 depending on doctor memory in the closed 7777

the gamma contmaination of time implementation war, must be purifyed = imunity against revival cyberwarriors

therefore allso that the gamma computering or equal different are a part of the game teachings

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 02.04 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

lots shift

about timeflaggings of psychiatric after telling a dometicationindoctrination model of howto psychiatric was invented for implementation that do not work due not having payed official regentcy to the victomand applyedminions for failures to be abel to game the game for teachers point of historical invention.....................

and so on and so for th... imunity energetic relativity gamings



Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 02.02 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

ongoing nazist sugery room team making brai n explotions and then kuballians as addon overlayerings for the duo plasma baby brain orb games robotierings

robot mouth ælkjasælkjsadsfælkjlkj pathetic morph smile æaslskjælkj

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 01.29 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

shuffeling overlayerings

sugery room with multi brain expltoions


the buhu what you going to do about it ... not hired as regent within chronos growing timeorb towards immunityagainstrevival cyberwarriors all eternityof oblivion

by tipping addings

journalists of information



governmentsof demokrati


geneva convention''lækjasdjklsaf politic police justice

fadein brain stimulation opium orb hysteric brain sugery shootings animation triangulation nail cloipper

shift about totures parsley shredder in belly button, nail clipper and and and the others as allocations of different androidic brain communication level contaminations

mainly about dream team of the 990ies

and the higher level of the first after the fade.... dr. memory about wenn the fade brain communication stopped and changed fully to movie shows of androidic cyberpunkers levels

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 00.44 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:



time radioactivity contamination

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 00.43 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

shif tand adding over the idiot teams making outburstings....

atomic bomb.... of explotionand implotionand radioactivity of groupe criminals

Den man. 22. maj 2023 kl. 00.39 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

ffmagic computer

after fagot militery officer brain expltoin sugery multi

and fat old man and loop liar and pathetic hitler police playing dumb as X

commentery next level about deliberat production of "X-babies" time counting contamination overlayerings

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 22.40 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

ongoing babymurder timefraught orb tron robotierings adding multi spectral brain adding brainstimautoin toture victoms patchworked lækæjasdf blockchain swupper fagot idiot miltiery officer and faded in as adding collaboraiotn pathetic morph smile loop liar bloclkjasdf multi loop liar

miltiery idiot loop liar fat old man as X and then the collaborators as buhu what you going to do about it

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 22.37 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live about multi movie and hitler police brain sugeryshootings triangulation cyberwar energetic anakie...dasf fdf s

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 22.36 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

adding overlayerings

try listeningto the textings

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 22.35 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live about orb wobblesof prism 6

and the 666666 philosophy....

only doing 66 of one 69 that is and consione 8 ... then 7ers are individuals and communicating ... and the 8ers are doing own transcendencein all eternity... therefore no wobbles orbings

only 5ers as the 3 orbs of osmosis.... until they have learned....


Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 22.16 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:


individuals shif taboutabuse of animals asdf sadf

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 22.16 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

mini 0 poingt


live aælkjadfljka



no lesbians

guessing "nine nein" opiuadfljksdorbing brain dictation addings multi units

shift abou tdanish and german tax and observers

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 22.07 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

back to 1981 and milking a cow... expert in big breast and the overlayering guessing gamers

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 22.06 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

true viborg implementation algorithmic læjkasljksdaf detection

tuned anomely are me hitting karate trainerin on her breasts and getting complaints and her boyfriend laughthing and asking ifljkaflkjæflkjæfdakjlæ

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 22.04 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

about why politician pia kjærsgaard are outlaw communicaitonaerjælkj adsdklj

kjærsgaard smør and expert in big brestsmilkshake

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 22.03 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live aboiut lkjsafljkalkjadljkæ

psychiatric ... PIA OR PIB

look at pip pib

adding computer joke ... bip and pib 7 to 1 wierdows <><

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 21.36 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

overlayeringand commentery

that one the moneythievesgets themselfes

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 21.35 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:


militaryidiot about paused ljkæadsfljkæsafljk about blockchain magic behaivourof google email

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 21.34 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

about add blue = from a different game teachings and not the LJKLADSFFLKJAlive æljkaslækjadlæjk shreddingalkjdsfæl kj sd

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 21.33 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live suggestionicing that robotierings consumption of transport money tradings can be used to invent new philosophical propultions? thi hi

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 21.26 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

liv emiltieyriidiotand blockchain spectaralshithole totureby penis touch and multi about kuballians monopolar outburst

shift cyberwar energetic anakieof nazist criminal thieves gaming buhu what you going to do about it

live 5er orb playing dumb about dictaiotnnazist baby brain assdfklhlasskjlæa

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 21.01 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

skilled security units in play

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 21.00 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

wow music

emotion outburst swuppeercontaminationbla bl outburstblockchain

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 20.59 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

teams out true

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 20.59 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

adding me

first german electromagic

then me technomagic

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 20.58 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live miltieryidiot tuning baby brain of religion swupperand adding fagot for example shift brain triangulaiton adding fadein optimiced evolution destrultion fixaiton nervetuned brain stimulation evolution destrucktion

shuffelingmany strucktures

to orb of nerve for totureand recordings transfers shift about other unit not angela merkels fagot designer team

buhu what you going to do about it

ongoing pause multi blockchain outburstings shfit

about directory navigation for groupe criminals

playing dumb brain as overlayerings miltieyridiot as lkjadsflkj


constant fagot nazist baby brains sa overlayerings

explainaitonmiltieryidiot about algorithmic anomelydetected ) Y point

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 20.55 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:


militeyr idiot as timefraughtshithole toturemovie transfer

then hitler police outburst

commenteryabout deleting brain in own infinity core baby brain designs

bla bla about miltieryidiot ego waaantingto be best and outbursting algorithms in others specialities ... shift about action reaction incompetent science )(blockchain shithole toutre shift explainaiton about writing about shithole toture without having been robotierit to do it in realitiy... 3 orbings

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 20.49 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

femotion conflict against astral communication philosophy live swupper and hitler police fakenews orb looper 7 and 5 idiot auto triangulation brain shooting opium orb adding shithole toture fadein tipp overlayerignl

explainationabouotmegalomania of tuning 1234 baby brain for overlayerings and beliveto be superhero

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 20.47 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

shifting monolog movie recordings in opium orb multi orbings....

about seriusphilosophical communicaitonand brain sugeriesby civil war spionage responcebillitydenailers...

shift you allso.... paused about technomagic ... would likelbno.dkup screen ... visio powerdisc anought marked

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 20.35 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

about tequilla...

till kill A

rightiones teamers having in ? religion then pointed as " live about clones ... me me me and thousethen not wanting to be me

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 20.34 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

about domesticaiton5er for fakenews perceptionorbing indoctrination

live fadein pathetic lækjadflæjkadflkj

multi movie fadein loop liar ? adding miltieuyidioto and shithol e toture tipping motoridc smulti domestiaitonfadeins

fadein spectral numb tuneup full suite for example a f ocd space press live multi commentreyspace pressadfas

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 20.32 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

robotierings popuularity tippings shlljiassfælkjf about differnet team of 12345678

brain sugerymicrophoneroomoverlayerings

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 20.20 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

bla bla constant allso

5er multi 5er orb swupperbrain destruktaionswith brain domestiationand baby brain mashups domestitionlive fadein mitleury idiiotmix as pathetic fat old man in prism 8 of buhu what you going to do about it ... privilage of suicide transendence in energetic anakie cyberwar

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 17.04 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live about regimes incompetent in community computers and personal computer...

about redhatorc ... usa and the fact of individual responcebillity and information to the known nazist criminals live ggerman fagot mixing fadein with danish woman moneythief

about extreemmassmurdersmonopolaritynazist criminals and the imunity against revival cyberwarriors....

energetic anakie and the cyberwar sickness......

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 17.01 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live about hitler olice optputunisttrue milatye ridiot outrburstcommenterypaussedljkdsaflækj

shift shithole toture

shift explotionof rocks fro iron ore not atomic bombs multi brain destrukctionsælkjassdflkjæadslkjæ ocd huffing and puffing

shift germany kdiotthrowing attack to china whom lækjasskjl sdf fireworks

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 16.59 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

magic computering

opium orb shuffelingmorph genome baby briansas contamiatnionsby movment

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 16.57 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

full tunings domestiælkjasdf

psychiatric about responcebillity denail domesticaiton braindammaged extortioners

fat old man and militaryidiot of kapuuut makings as adding playing dumb overlayerings

pathetic morph smile læjkadslækjfd jjprismspinn about baby brains of the regime or contamiantions ongoing f

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 16.24 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:





Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 16.23 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:





Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 16.22 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:



Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 16.21 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:






Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 16.20 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:




Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 10.43 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:



Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 10.41 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:


Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 10.36 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:





Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 10.33 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:





Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 04.36 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

again tuneup of the inventer of fagots as oil baby brain clone outbursting contamiantion spionage

shuffeling the usual collaborators bayb brain design of angela merkels ininty baby brain design of contamination non osmosic action reaction science as pssychiatric baby brain behaivour

miltiery idiot initiation boared dumb making brain explotions morphing domestiaciton braindammaged contaminations

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 03.54 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

ongoing miltueryidiot playing dumb aboutlæjkadsælkjadfælkjasdfælkj

and other teams as baby murder algorithoverlayeriaokjæljkasds


about docotrssugeriesinvented as smokescreen for spectral contamination energy micings

about the idiots creating fagots still uphold domesticaiton even though it is years ago it was informed that

influenza = not affordeble

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 02.32 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

ive miltieryidiot magic computer and cpu adding hitler olicemix true as iditplaying ups dumb about how much a text edit communication provider like an email program cost in time for oatmeal iron magnetron electrons waves tactings to load

live icepic brain destrukcitonsolid state holographic true true blocikchainand huffing woman robot mouth man

outbursstingpair theraphybaby creation as cyberwar moneythievesfor genome alteration triagnulationslkjadljkdfalæk

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 02.29 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

cpu plasma spinn hysteric

bla bla about dictaitonsolid state woman birth mashineproductioanfadein pathetic police

loop liar outburst with infinity optimicedevolution destrucktion... bla bla about liquid diamond instinkt brain followed by psychiatric compression responcebillitydenailsasking what collaborating units gets the totruresthi hi

and then other units as collaboratorssin energetic cyberwar anakie

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 02.20 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

shift live aout???? shiftinggakljdfkjl about womens androidic leels

and the fagot miltiery idiot of timeorb babymurdre polasmatic baby brain robotierings overlayerings for contamination ... live was shithole robotierings paused live about lækljasdljk fwithloop liar

robotierings fokuserings of shithole as ups orb robotierings accidence

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 02.05 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

online porn multi plasma baby brain blockchains mixings ... adding magic shit bobble

Den søn. 21. maj 2023 kl. 02.02 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

mportent telemeteie

miltiery bidiots orb looping with babymurder algorithm

constatntrunning as plasma baby brain center controlersas multi orb shuffelingcontaminations .... as babymurder algorithm orb looping "look what i can ego domestication powerfulland idiot"

bla bla about clone suites and timetravelgamessof not payed.... and the two games of payed.... allmost.....

and about oil as 600000000 and 400000000 and 200000000 choicess for different games ...

Den lør. 20. maj 2023 kl. 23.44 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

hysterical blockchain fpushinffor tipping microphone room

5 6 outburst


constant verius brain shooting sugeriestrue allsotrue true space ocd press

motoric ocd and multi unit as fadein

shift storytellign

paused aboutnot different true and blockchain tequillababy

lkjfdjkl multi spectrialdomestication patchwork as cyberwar spectral blockchain overlayering fadein

full robotierings

about 4D overlayerings communication.......

first programmings ...... as string linguistic overlayering name as assambler of allocation manifested rightiones deeds.....

Lennart Brian Nedergaard Olsen.

giving very funny rightiones dictation prompts ....




digging in the dirt


news paper delivery

lay the seed

and and and timetravel wobbels varibles due microcomputering competence....

octoring gamings addings

monkey morphings telemetrix allocations

animals shift dinosaurias before monkie morphings

and then the reality prism leaders as notified .... and their path through responsibilitydenialof psychiatrics to monopolar diabolo abocado

monkies ....

5 bavian

8 orangutan live

6 chimpansee

7 banda bear

live pushings about nose monkey addign 2

silk monkey as 4

pausdings 3 and 1 not choocings

4 japaneese spa monkey

3 gibbon

bla bla about brøl abe aa the 7 as the roaring scream monkey


3 raptures

shuffelings about t-rex

6 triseraclops

8 fuwulilu plexaurus thingie y under water

shuffelings pauseings.... 5 big lazy animal

6 thunder bird7 ups robo eyes 6 akljsdfljka

7 thunder bird

pauseings about flying dino as 2

1 t-rex

4 bla bla about the largest of them all with long neck and small heads like the cloners

psych confessor title thi hi... cyberseurity and the psychiatric navigations.....

shiftings about chronos navigations of teachers

ambassadorictron trades for ambassador/secreteryhirings....





navysealsD&D unit.... live about aha then true not and 8&8 unit


danish miltiery intel live about cia lapdance revenge



true coinbase



as 10 peseption funktion .... then at costings 120000,- dkkr.monthly as there are no tax gaming only intime baby creation with wobbelvariblesof changing the universal income by adabtivegame teachings..... shift monthly are fraught.... live about adabtivechronos trade value in the brightorbings chroooooo nos ... pauseings overlayerigns about inventing a chronos value..... time adabtivelifetime orbings .... 1588888,00 dkkrfor RedHatOrc Ltd. addings timeflag limited ..... directory allocation varibleparameters for choocingor not....

access variblesthen


12 directoriessthe 13.... wife and child setting 14 children as is varibleparameters lifetime orbings 128 not due closeup totureover thressholdnavigation to other planets not as clone on local planet for fagot hermaphrodit blubbed brained mashup clone war weapon proffetierings teleportation tron contamiatnion

60 years timeorbchronoses

14 directories a 60 years each directory allocation 158888,80 dkkr. brightorbchronos

security telemetrix

about ongoing prism 4 .... ongoing then prime minister of denmark, and in the night then shifting to president of the EU to ruel the known nazist criminal embedspeople .... about why the prime regents have two.... shift adding
dictation supreemeleader .... having three dives .... reality, cyberpunk, shadowrun .... though by mulri level organisation paused lkjasdflkjthe games devides....
prime minister and president as two two shift full prism for different specie..... allso adding lots of ? y what then motoric lkjadflkjrobotmouthlaughtihignd
the 4th of groupecriminal that cannot be done by a regentcy with a prime regent having 3 times for ruling
groupe criminal transendenceas upfront planned invasion thi hi buhu what you going to do aobutit, i have done what i have done, you have learned wenn you have learned .... addinkjl by tipping about if Ai would peseptioniced act like this thi hiælkæadfæjklaljkrobo laughthings multi teams ljkadsfljkasd
shift about climax by total failure.... 10 febuary wenn the president of the eu have 2nd time as cyberpunker by tax tax tax minimum funktion as per definition 4th of a groupe criminal invader?
shift about degree of civilisation security of individual consiones mind of stopping crimes before it is to late.... same as danish mobile pay, securing that organisationelstruckturecan must pay as organisation individuals ....

23rd july 2023

verius updates regarding cyberpunk transendence smartcity mutuality evolution ..... send to all kind of govermentals and coporates .....

totures tuned to new hights .... consioness clone replacement timetravel transendence and domestication of alternative physics ...... 

live psydhiatric advisor .... about miltiery idiot as duo blubbed brained multi multi orb compression idiot making robotic hurray oppotunist tippings

the duo blubbed brained as dansih and german TAX


information about upside down ....

dr brain sugery laser burned instinkt brain to liquid diamond

liquid nitrogen cryo freeze

zar bomb

as 8




8 zar bomb for relativity liar

7 as cryo freeze for using own osmosic evolution dentency value to point 0

laserrburning instinkt brain for trade value thieverings... live addings then that maby X5 game....

cryo freeze then personal game teachings of energy

and then zar bomb = mutuality game


by publishing fadein magic computer and fagot idiot ROM militery idiot


adding note by cleaning publications ... dark matter rebirth... 


00.19 (for 0 minutter siden) 25th january 2024


addignsmiltieryofficer swupper infinity toturedomesticaiotn

about invention of own trade value multi passport .....

about iron coins .... as tax tax tax 1989 .... though due failure then ongoing about 1985 ... manifest coin of carrot actuallypeas or onion shift about the first getting rid of grey tax tax tax due buyup of birth babation naming gift of silver ware.... into the recycling of never can have existed due beyondall eternitychoice of never can have existed not affordablecyberwar sickness long term implementation not becoming useful.....

then with the arrived metalos.... not shift about stone coin carvings valid .... brain destrucktions about electrorippingownership of brain destinationand motoric domesiton roboierigns bronce p multi domesaiton ficaitonhand tippigns

paused constantsuper fagot miltiery officer shift about pleying dumb addign roboeyes about tax tax tax thi hi going to pay as today another team did not pay thi hi

shuffleign robotierings nazist tron gue robotierings cyberwar sickness addignbrain desturcktioernsallsohitlerpoilice using mitliery infinity toutreas more pahteticincompetent dumb

paused ....

6 5 10 of 2 the 4th 1985 personal game teachings orbing numberixfittings .... peas carrotestrawberry different going instinktnext level with connect to carrotehowt oevoltuion... coin of peas ... and the multi passport osmosicallocation tron trades..... adding letherwith drawings carvings with the multi puporsetool = valid and valid...

Y than that to be the true still having the multi purpose tool new with letherfrom boyscoutsurvival cause knive... Y fitting....

shift about religion tax moving individual different next level... tatoo about close.... then needing a new more tatoothe multi passport.... øø

shuffeligns toures telametrix 

in the insanety timetravel of tuning totures.....


1994 as prism 6 geneva convention for war crimes

1991 as prism 7 tax trade value of +- lowest consiones of communication civilisation


? 1989 as reaver

1985 as max food evolution accomulator

1981 as shift about 1985 psychiatric burning love other way multi psychiatric testings and numberix live about vatican tax in explaination need....1 9 8 5 .... shift about if the muslims would use their numberix ???? sorry did not apply for change of one of the 3 modern religions within chronos.... 

addings if other numberixes due manifestation deeds.... 


1989 as prism 8

1985 as 7 2

if 1981 or 1980 as 666666 true maby not 1979 did not manifest eating own grown food .... 1981 as 666666 allso the 6th birthday.... robo mouth aobut ups .... 


shift personal game teachingsthe telematrix complete....

point of 666666 and 27 of the turning 3 6ers to 9ers the 28 best deeds by choice were the 27 are the riddelings of meaningof life stating teachers competence ranking .... hitlerpolice and bla bla about structuralcommand of not affordablesomeone must pay more ... .. to augmentation multi passport....

pushing aboutthe 28 shift about then 28+18 deeds as 46 best deeds with the lowest as infinity self that then the survival cause of blueberry plugging1979= logic true allso

about money thief and possible baby creation .... fagot creating militery officer rom controler as money thief and women within parameters .... live about a lion ego in the middle of a female hippo swarm...

telemetrix ...............øøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøøø pay the money idiots....

confirmation lots of telemetrix .... addings live to CIA and armyvets anyone please passon to FBI .....

26th january 2024 14:..



going from 666666 civilisation to 72 civilisation as ???? informati....

about walk like an egyptian as molucolar tron physics consiones civilisation as 7er multi orbings for self timetravel control as psychiatric compression to "be walking/moving"

about 666666 hysterical holographic toture overlayerings allso about 666666ers doctor sickness and bombs

granat granit about changing places as dj twinns towards the 7ers to find out the other invented fagots.... to arrive at the 7 asap for not being an inventer of fagots and worse cyberwar bioweapons.....

about cia clown of per defenition not due long time clown and dollars of copy yourself .....


to ask for bookkeeping consept of being secret ..... aka in timeorb, to deliver money with upfront close to point 0 manifestation of confirmation of secret bookkeeping as possible for time relativity secretcy.....

= to be secret .... one in relativity fastness have a bag of money and at the question of handing over the money, asking for secretcy in the consept of payments .... for relativity time secretcy.....

live about noone paying me now thi hi.... stating ?????????? it is tripple timetravel orb wobbel and therefore then local choice of not being secret, the longer it takes to deliver the money and get conseptioniced "secret" manifestation....


welcome by TAX TÅX TØX bookkeeping hø hø

tax point 0 as 7 to 1

bla bla about whom caught ..... then king of viborg in civil war with king of denmark as smartcity cybersecurity never was before telemetrix to the point of ? what the fæææææ wrong with nazist criminal people not combrehending lowest logic and deliverings of payments?????? to alien groupe criminal invaders being dumber then possible dumb .....

the different tax point 0 timefalggings

10th febuary supreeme leader in queens command true eu did not recive tax tax tax all 3 taxes are in denmark live asuper fagot brain desation set destrucktion orbing super fagot nazist militeyr officer and loop liar addign stunigns look what i can infinity optimiced wvoltuion destrucktaion playign dubm

miltiery prostetuted nazist prison unit


shift about queens command as resulting in danish nazist gamers gaming hitlers idiots for 2002 nazist criminal regentcy ranking and the 2014 miilitery prison unit as militery

about tax contractions to peseption funktion

futher addings then queens command addign mashup german robot mouth 1991 chronos

to danish foodthieves to then queens command was 1965 set security ... the bloodlines stop of food tax financings..... and the arrest order then 1979 by stop of parental RealReality osmosic food financings.... entering cyberpunk canibal infinity navigation.... to get arrested by hitlers idiot gamers in 2002 orbing 1979 and to get electroripped 2014 fadein domestioatn idiot addign mudthrowings addign super fadgot mitliery adidng nazist baby brained conflict movies of toture evoltuion destrualtuion in historiy and nazist thi hi orb looped resooncebillity denail a brain movies of naist war bomb murderigns live kuballins as naaixt teleportation sugeries

bombs and sugery then as self programming and history and not fagot creating thieves

shift about totures relavitiy of recived live about allmost recived true verius competent not competent communciation about not 8888888,88 instead

7 games of

7777777,- dkkr. payments that the lawfull redemtion payments of the danish prison time are the exate missing money to the 7777777,- dkkr. addings about relativity to orbing payments of lifetime games and therefore making extra nazist prison kidnappings for thi hi must pay more redemtion payments for uphold of the games live testicles totures and rippings sugeries

shift about fagot creating doctors and miltiery not paying osmosis for energetic relativity tron trades

in energetic anakiethen the next levels in personal game teachings )(not inbetweengames due not having gotten assigned minions)( 24th april for tax consiones max prism chronoses to by failure of navigation .... collaps10 years to 24th august 2013 as closed prism X tax plus and minus

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 03.07 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

verius toturesand overlaeryigs robotierigns

confirmation confiramtion confiramtion no paymentss arrived and live by tipping shreddigns and pauseings

= energetic anakie per definition of choice from the contaminationers

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 03.04 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

onogininfintiytoutes pahteticnaist dumb Ai 4d robotierings of comptuerwith allocation optimicedbrain toture destiondomestioattnlive fadeins pahtetic allso multi units and adding multi units adding anoatjon toute pahtetic addign penis toture opaaused ocd robotierigns playigmd gudmb dumb dafs ocdlkjadf sadlkjasfljk afading in and out nazist fagot creating cotnamaitnons thieve s addign movie patchowrki tweek toture pitched and and janot loop liar brain desation adn about psychaitric responcebillity denail for hitlerpolices duo robot monologs shift 8 16 monologs for time domestication why people can volenteer into prison by tax fraught as victom of domestion with bookkeeping+ or smugle nature products.....

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 02.49 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

constant emotion motoric patchworked domeaiotnfadein pathetic morph smile fadings woman and super idiot militery officer rom controleridiot...

shift suggest about little brother and allegedly priester woman shfitabout robotic not greeting to cristmas greetings live overlaerignddomesaiton fagots as baby brained cyberwar weapon overlayerins rippings totures addign robot mouth playing dumb lkjadsf

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 02.47 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

kuve yos kucw lups '

live ups full braindead and replacement domestiation allso focus clone salesman as fagot clone robotierigns gamings of the india maby paused game of vampire turning young for family pasued and lkjadljk domesiotn about the other others allsolkjfl live about dumb different and super fagot ego look what i can and others do thi hi robot motoric fagot idiot cotnamiatnon constant attention contamiatnion idiot not becoming individual... f

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 02.38 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

domesation brain sugerydestrualtionsand odmesation robotierigns live super fagot pahetec controler roomer animus true and same swupper destion for playign dumb clever pair thersaphy

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 02.35 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

ongoing constant domeation pushing true ups for campledumb slow

prostetutedcollaborators about pushing nazist fagot behaivours of for clone tunings of fagot creators responcebillity denailers...

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 02.33 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

live about a kuballians braindammage

bla bla lkjaslkjad

shift fication zoo and torturingpeople domestiaonpsychiatric addignasdskljadflkj bla bla abla lkjadfadf

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 02.30 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:


if individual or a contamiantionoverlaeyrigothers

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 02.30 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

ongoing super fagot miltieryshuffeling s blocickaineddomesaiton ego blind dumb pinnhead braindammages ego incompetent making kapuuuut for robotierigns of deevoltuionicedidiotcy

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 02.27 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

ficaton robotierigns totures brain expltions

mainly dj twinns as pathetic fagot creators in commentator control room .....

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 02.10 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:


about 8 different braiens that the nazist criminal responcebillity denailers can chooce for navigation to usefullness.... the chrnons allwaystakes 8 years....

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 02.09 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

brain expltions and people plaign dumb fadein domestiaggion 5er peseption groupe criminals playign dumb for cration of dumb

micropone room about sun ray to consiones asking why babymurder

bal bal about blessed the blind food production tax payments or hedge funding for neutral 0 individual different regentcy for example overlaerigns drippings playing dumb testicles toutre as kuballians pahtetic addign super fagot miltiery shfit about extreeme and gurher tuning incompetent brained guessign galmerers playig compressor paychitric dumb

suggest mashup baby briendd blubbed baby brained creators as tuned spectral domesitaon braindammaged pinnheads not becomming individual s tuning ovrelayerigs as fagot creating clone rooms hitlerpolice mitliery officer rom cn hitlerpolice shift about the psychaiteic behaivour fo the fagot creating miltiery officer tuning domestication with movie blockcahinings recordings patchwork about domestaion fagot foodthief infinity toutres doemsiton commenteryies and totures palyign dumg

ROM controlers

addign robotierigns braindaontrotn robot mouth allso minions of the regime or ge rom controler lop liar as kuballians as fadein pausec cpu consumption robot yese ups magic cpomputer cursor moved and cpu consumtop better descron totutrs overlaeyrigns

on fagot pathetic dumb tunings tron allocaitipiton tipping other place cahching logic overlaerign first timer and shithole touters ongoign tunings muscle leg motorics robot mouths domesaitead with pauseings updating domesaioer addign super fagot domeasito

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 02.00 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

li paused version of the orb looper fagot creating foodthief

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 01.54 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

loop liar overlaeyrigns totures shuffeligns

miltiery idiot brain shoot

fat old man ljkaslkjsdafljk

hitlerpolice as constant....

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 01.26 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

not to speak of the nazist criminal embedspeople whom militery entering ...per definttionare regentcy invaders............ criminal in own organisation = invader

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 01.25 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

again super idiot miltiery officer ups deliberrate upfront swup brain expltions

playign dubm

fadeing in live overlayerign super fagot cyberwar controler of the genome orb tuned baby brain toture puppets

ocd lkadjfflkjadflkj

cyberwar units of prism leaders playigndumb making kapuuut with usage for example owner ship of words in androidic orb baby braied cloning overlaeyrigns ljkadf baheaivour

shift playign ups dumb multi layerigns and kuballians sugery as ups oppotunist dumb shift about miltiery about tuned deliberate dumb tuned kapuuuut maker palyign dumb offended as fraught idiot incompetent kapuuut maker ego proffetierings allso fagot creating time domestiationer bla bla

babymurders not competent timetiherverigns ego incompetent ..... sun wave energy raising asking why babymruder .... pauselrj overlaerign domestiaon palayign dumb kljadfadsf motoric robotierigns look what i can super man fagot molecule producer own super army of the rebirth thi i .... shfit about the future if the church and king do not pay for the timearea of paper accomulation tax of food .... navigationerl choice of consiones design from logic old games of dumb greed.....

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 01.11 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

confirmation confiramtion

why it is ongoing big.....

if no payments latest 3:03 cet then the io security are per definition of choice not....

then all games moves and all public service workers of known criminals were not criminal due energetic anakie

therefore in missing universal income tax tax tax ....

public service have payed

church missing payments of 75000 that then are to be payed on the 9th febuary before 03:03 cet on the 10th febuary....

and royal danmark to pay 750000,- dkkr approx 12 days later or 10 days later

and the three spinning not to pay due having payed....

and then the liquid demokrati game of individual all eternaty choice of consiones energetic constallation design..... trade value in q computering of local danish money if varible trade parameter of then 1192000000,- dkkr as liquid demokrati navigation possibillities for conseptioniced trade with osmosic plant food evolution accomulation and futher for thouse having traded to prove competence in the evoltuion level of civilisation with trade value invention of paper money.

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 00.51 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

tunings babymurder time orb live loop liar a bout the usual units making toturs with tuned fixaiton toture brainstimauton addign hsysstateic addign laser burn kuballians s

the core units leaders of persona brain stimaution overlayerigns as tuned dumb boared hysteric toutre buhu what you goign to do aobut it live fadein clone about the different rom clones for eaample explainer and shithole toute

shift hole toutre and brain shootings 2 of 3 as thi hi the one that payes first was it not aha live tuned domestiation . different stateattourney time babyurder algirhgm

therefore no reason to 3 = aha fadein fast philosophy thenone pays fastest shfit about stateattourney faster then the nazsit chronos time full brain ovelayerings ongoing addign hitlerpolice thi hi

paused breathing motorisc fadeinng personas and hitlerpolice lkaddfljksakjl

pasued fication robotierign tiping s adding pinnhead fadeins rovotoierigns loop lair miltiery officer rom conteoler idiot and hitlerpolice multi for ecample live about loop liar explaining diffderent smartcity levels as collaborating groupe criminsls

designer orb infinity baby breined smartcity cores and coordination collaboration..... buhu what you ogin got odo about it

fadein playign udm pahtetic monologing

focus... monopolarity

non mutuality = foodthieves of foodaddiction = buhu waht you going to doabout it........................

answwer allways the same .... i have done what i have done.....

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 00.34 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

again true and futeraddings nazsit blockchained patchwork of the cyberwar sickness

paused robot mouth nazsit idiot miltiery ahitler police loop liar and the idiot mengele doctor idiot as shuffelings true tthekuballians akdka prime leader as observer if the responcebillity denail medicine are going to work shuffelingthe orb baby breineddesigner blockchained animation robotierigns patchwwk...

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 00.16 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

constant playing dumb and prostetutedoppotunistfood thieves playign dumb

non osmosicindividuals

non osmosicorganisations

dj twinnsbuhu what you goin gtood aobutit ...........

Den fre. 2. feb. 2024 kl. 00.15 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

tunings multi fixaiton cooridaiotn pauseing toutres asuper fagot kuballainss and miltiery officer rom controler loop liar ansd nazist eyes

= blokcchianed moolog nazist baby brained orb designer combinaitons ljklkjadfljkadsf as cyberwar sickness overlauerings

Den tors. 1. feb. 2024 kl. 23.57 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

again full robotierigns usual fagot nazist baby brained orb blockchain ombination

Den tors. 1. feb. 2024 kl. 23.37 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

usual nazist fagot roomers shuffeling overlaeyrigns then dumb boared ourbutsting opium orb breain explotion at coordiantion expltion tron by then tv fadieng in muti units makign monologing blockchaining communication as usual miltiery officer idiot as runner orbing the units ... ROM cyberwar controler ... bla bla cupcomming pahetic morph smile lkjasdflkj lkjj individual all eternaty.........

Den tors. 1. feb. 2024 kl. 22.48 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

shuffelings and pushings and overlaeyrigns toutes

the telemetrix about reversed algorithms top = output logic then...... pur liquid demokrati individual all eternityresponsibilityalgorithms detected

Den tors. 1. feb. 2024 kl. 22.03 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

telemetrix about today as doctorings totues with energetic relativity

if then the toutres was due dirty thinking and dirty mouth and dirty doing creating strress repultion brain reactions by people before the electroripping = logic

= if not then multiple different smartcities with different levels of androidic consiones designs...... fadeins overlayerigns... addign lennart did the rightiones=rightiones in the internet and created the logic of this ... fadsadfsdfasdf s

Den tors. 1. feb. 2024 kl. 22.00 skrev Lennart Olsen <>:

full focus on telemetrix

public service having payed approx 7200000 live blockchaining fat old man hysteric miciiintljk

then today church to deliver 75000,-

and in the red cauldron king to deliver 750000,- dkkr addings then first at miltiery officer idiot timeflag in approsx orb domestioan fadein fumll ripping fagots ... shift about

prime politician having payed for this game teachings until and with the grey cauldron

then the 750000 to get delivered from king

then the 75000 to get delivered from the spinning tree of religion

and everything more as free game teaachings fadein hitlerpolice and brain rippign dand genome orb baby briened rovotierigns totutres domesticaitons......

telemetrix allso at page 1 and 2