Her kommer et eller andet GAK GAK 


oblivion teacher


self student 


0 born

2 diging in the dirt

3 climbing tree

4 blueberry collecting

6 milking cow

8 grow plant food

10 paperboy runnings

12 programming bio|computer|personal computer

13 fantacy game creation

14 hey reaving

17 ultima7 timetravel programming


live psyhciaticorbing
see your self
it does fit .... personal algorithmic overlayerings fittings
na ziståm igtimeslanging infinity navigation then 3600 years

core 5008


huggin 888

contraction 512 addings about flying the 8 as possible overlayerings algorithm fittings.....orb wobbling1400

12 january 2024 ctc

why having personal secretery of social worker wenn nazist criminal judges should have payed years ago... addings imunity )(testicles totures)( paused ... imunity against the european union then latest november 2013 achived shift what about the stateattourney order to the police 2012 as activation addign *.dll logic fadein tequilla baby brain police militery you did that = cyberwar program users .... 5 to 6 then geneva convention if the militery are unaware of geneva convention thi hi = 7 of more clever people above the geneva convention of highst official manifested civilisation creation parameters.... 

addings to chooce historical anakie or cybersecurity of reality with historical anakie... 


then normal.... to europol NSA version of cybersecurity service personal ... fadein masturbator and moneythieves adding clone babies then not as soape bubbles for lkjdfljkaslk shift then ....

doctoring education implementation for manifestation before the 10th birthday


tax education implementaiton for manifestation before 18th birthday

and then the others from lkjdfljkdalkflkj

survival cause

grow own food plants

build a shelter/house


osmosis individual all eternaty

and then other alien educations adding chemistry and all eternaty aliens.....



brain destartuoin roboeyes tippo failure by tipping addign ripping groin true multi alkjadsljk addign shithole toture

making inventory for social wellfare/psychiatric early retairement

56 onion orb brain shot and ongoign electrotinitus adding shitole toturte as microphone room adding testicle stotures wihle true and live fadien fagot creating domestiaon paused robot mouth and brain destrukaltionadfkljlkj

status to the idiots in the cyberwar center

men pays the money

women can chooce to pay the money or create a child

by male core .... by female core equal sexed pays the money .... and then one can winn a sperm robot or birth mashine for riddeling mutual child creation.....

live about augmentation then creation of ROM


7th dimensiondesign




live about land money title then changing places...

money, land, title adding explanationwow point

iroon money

land dust ressillience

title bone dentency? 7eh Y shrink form outher space suck your self ....   aha aha technomagic protection live fadein super fagot domesation braindammaged bla bla ego information proffetierings thi hi... 


Nazist religion genome spectral sickness totures

Non osmosic Mengele copy cat thi hi brain destructions imitat creating kapuuuuut making for religion uphold bfkg

Bla bla tobacco thi hi competition



PE 10 10



Shift no commas

Back to local then



1/2 religion and computer money thieves the game of 5 tax

Lennart Olsenlbnolsen@gmail.com

01.05 (for 5 timer siden)


Then in tax bookkeeping

Wenn computer individual all eternity education costs


Regents have payed


Live about paper and metal as two different 888888 shift then both

7777777,- dkkr

From 1200000000

Then the rest for free game teachings to deliver for consiones reaccomulation.

About overlayetings acceleration

Result raising

Free game varible after schoolclass of computer tax



Stone tax ....

To use the stones from the clearing the crop field to build house and road thi h

Shithole torures nckckg

Again the modern religions making joke... There is only one god = You

Live about choocing a *.gif for ending .....

Lennart Olsenlbnolsen@gmail.com

01.38 (for 5 timer siden)


Multi full roborierings

Multi ups accidence

Shitholebtoture testicles totures motoric head

Skilled point for fishing hook story about how America was invented

Lennart Olsenlbnolsen@gmail.com

01.49 (for 4 timer siden)



Euro. You be quit

Then code: Destiny require graduation 51000000000 not swupper braindestrucktion ktkg

51000 years self substainence evolution accomulation gkkg multi orb liopings

So for now genuine computer under evolution to self determin presentation as destiny guide

Confirmation... As all cauldron stories are closed.... So allso the robot metamophosis units



enter level 3

live about 32 years cybersecurity bio computerings for insight to 16 that was 16 logic competent about a teacher can teach what a teacher can teach ..... planet core or sun or more energetic education shift about maby adding 

galatical security activating sun energy security therefore duo payment of 32 years to design of own adabtive religion core trade value...

oat to sun for allways was 16 only individual time payments for choice of differentcy in the energetic values 

sun ray | oat grain flake oblivions of all eternaty individual responcebillity.


email corrosponce;

Dear Sirs,

in cybersecurity developments, i would like the option to delete items.

as deleting items in computering is a natural navigation of priorities, and so very much would be appreciated as possibilityalternative to deleting an account and build up a new.


Lennart Brian Nedergaard Olsen


Lennart Olsenlbnolsen@gmail.com

17.30 (for 44 minutter siden)


futherofcausevery much of possibilitieswith Your services, for future combindings of the web3 design presentation that You service, to Augmentation glasses....

very much wow points and the possibilityof embedding the philosophies of "individual all eternity" as Augmentation presentation combiningYour services of personal web3 presentations with Augmentation glasses "core planet oblivion education"

lots and lots thank You unstoppabledomainsteam for Your services and the possibilityto with create the now future of possible evolution.


overlayerigns androidiccommunication direct brain multi communication status;

furtherit would be a great thing if You present the possibilityof uploading own Augmentation presentations.... create a cube of 8*8*8 were each mini cube are a space/sub-dir for uploading an augmentation presentation of oneself.....

live competent cybersecurity addings....

cube 1 is core of more .... local cybersecurity or even the over the top to planet core

cube 2 and cube 3 = self choices for invites to others .... henge one would like to communicate to someone else, and so set the augmentation of that someone in one of the spaces of cube 2 or 3

cube 4 addings = basic funktionsof specie evolution.... survival cause manifestations... example me, parents taught to find and plug blueberries at age 4 so a picture of blueberry would be to be found/uploaded for AR presentation in cube 4

cube 5, 6, 7 live genome science and psychiatrics, 8 osmosicvalues of osmosicplant evolution accomulations

and so on and so forth there are many smartcitiesand other developing different systems ..... though this of the "BORG hibeindividual all eternaty" is a good usable one....



competent cybersecurity team..... instead of borg cubes, then hexagraphic "3D" spaces.... were one places the picture and then futhercopies of that picture in different rotations

live addings nature ConsionesEnergeticConstallation leaving the overlayerignslive communication ..... stating that sugch666666 hexasystem of the human 6 sencesand consiones design of communication parameters would require "self prisoning" creation of time variblesfor the duration of the hexa presentation, until "transending" to different = time costings..... that apperentlysuper aliens do not use due having achivedmore evolution of i know i cannot know due my evolution stand.

so for individual presentation design Augmentation for possible evolution, that would be the "thing" so to speak tip....

an cube of 8*8*8 with hexagonalsubdirs to upload a picture into.

live about the overlayerigns contamiantions....

shift thi hi ... about overlayerigns

mainly shift and ifiotsshreeddignand robot moutna ahd icepic into brain miltiery offficaellkjasdlkj

about navigating the prisms....

to be games and to choocea prism for initiation of the game teachings.....

local large legacy with militery battelsoldiereducation jumping high into the prism 7 due detection of war criminal activities....

live addings one can allsoinitiate in prism 1 of prison .... adding the education about possibillity to volenteerfor prison by smuggelingnature pharmaseuticals or cheat tax by tax fraught staying below universal income for wizzardryjumping the levels from prison....

after initiation of choice of a prism one then initiate the game for navigation to examination ....

1 prison

2 police arest

3 justice of timetravelhistory

4 politic of timetraveldifficulty degree

5 observation learnings

6 inspira

7 informati

)(live orb looping braindead domestiationadding militery officer rom idiot as animation shuffelings overlayerignsdigital cyberwar sickness bio weaopon)(

8 osmosis

7 2 as TAX infinity+ and -

666 riddeling live example maby 6 5 inspira observation

666666 as examination to 888 osmosicindividual ConsionesEnergeticConstallation

then about subdirectory navigations....

5 of first consiones that by passing the examination of the 888 one can navigate to directory 5 as first consiones within consiones prism 3 that then are the 0





live addigns the 4th of individual consiones.....

0 the examination and first consiones of osmosis

1 self restrictions

2 informati presentations for adabtivecopying

3 riddle parameters for observers live about mice, pigs, and and surrounding animals trying to figure out how the CEC are so augmented powerfull, trying to obervewhat the CEC does for having obtained local osmosis..... live addings about howto communicate with others = rices the parameters towards closing the 3 to a 0 and so confirming a 8 = obtaining an oblivion becomming a teacher "god"

live status = lost one of the 888 due incompetent in plant food evolution accomulationas teacher of horse, caddle, and futherhaving pigs and chicknes..... ups eyes as opium orb infinity contamiatnionmix child rom controlerbla bl psydhitriess about parents not financing children and children making cyberwar fagot molecule production and and and as bioweapon sicknesses .....

= 88 to 1 and then by finding out what going on going 7 and initiation of the game teachings from 7 back to 88 and then regaining the last 8 as the game teachings of the Grafyld. in 2027

ongoing 7 2 TAX as running until 24th august paused and shiftings about 666666 as three cauldrons no 4 ? or 6 ... black red white, grey live stating other as brown or yellow yellow or grey and ir and then the last then uv .... black red white then grey and ir and then uv addigns the last two 8ers then one are the prisms 12345678 and the last then the tour from 6 7 8 to the 888 aha then staying in the 666666 until examination sucessto 888 that then are the individual parameters for grey tax, ir of perlmutation, and the uv of the prism 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 behaivourof the prisms live shuffelings = lots of dumboffended.....

live about ir and uv and other aliens of the more schoolclasses .... starting to find out the wierdowsof the local planet.... shifting to local country

danish royals and verius farmers .... all arguing whom what regentcy... all stating "my regentcy is DAN MARK"=creat cropfield.... and all loud at eachothermy regentcy is dan mark .... aliens going "wierdows"

Lennart Olsen

21.25 (for 0 minutter siden)


hereby internet presentation .... shift about .... whom passing the local oblivion riddle for parameter navigation to other regentciesriddelingsof ?windows? .... whom can be ambassador tourist and to were?

education then addings ..... first deed in the new regentcy then should be making a survival cause .... skilled regentciesthen have different difficulty degrees of survival cause until full competent and then abel to start navigate the more of wierdonesscivilisation creation of the new regentcy....

sleep preventon  15th jan. 01:51

confessor titles algorithmic anomelies found in publications.....

black cauldron as the toture victims going chronos as first 8

red cauldron confessor title ..... 1400 - 128-256-128-(9*88) leaving 96 years of suck your self universal income to tax

live about white cauldron then 9*88 sperm of solid state code:west world transendence

grey cauldron then 69 years of not ..... 

then about stress in childhood mother money supression not having payed anought foodtax addign consumed radio waves as science tunings ... to tron trades

the haggelings .... 

9*93 as prime suggestion.... stating tax as calculations of the lawfull redemtions and then consiones communicated consept for the lifetime orb of universal income 

then down to 9*90 for 9*2 to iR and futher 9*1 to UV

as prime ongoing logic

Lennart Olsen

21.50 (for 0 minutter siden)



stating kj

galaticaluv and ir then .... uv example slamingflies and moskitosand one time little brothers live about catagorisinglittle borthersfignhtswith icepickinginto brain and live constant brain destrukcaitonwith super fagot miltiery officer rom controler about being paired for upfront convinence conflict of the war criminal doctor thi hi ups

and ir thenfriendly encounters in personal game teachings ants and bees and wasps even though true wasps dirtymouth never proven and urtica burning allsoteaching

ants and bees

tax then them all due orbing ups bloodmagic more bloodmagicand even more bloodmagicwobbelingto neutral mutuality...... adding verius other animals live about tidsel to be 600000 years with verius regentcy parameters for navigation...

Lennart Olsen

21.51 (for 0 minutter siden)


telemetrixkjladljkdfljk about understanding warcrimesby ups thi hi convinence conflict reallocations proffetierings....

Things telemetrix of minimalistic chronoses of competences
3 3 3 Infinity1002years
Strawberry, instinkt brain design1977age 2, nature, live about if garden grown by mothers father. Home grown rebirth 3 of constructive individual

4444 256years

Live magic computer brain shot multi super fagot overlayetingdo.estocatiom

Bla bla units duo minority rapport and shithole totures shiftings fadeings genome contaminations


55555then was oat true could be grass1989live huge game.... Lunar cirjfjfjf and star signs chronoses to the 1:12th from Brightorb chronoses to lunar CHRONOS from oat to grass due consumption Tron trades

2 as onion

1 individual self

0 all as mutual

Pausings overlayering about priority deeds....

Stones for road clearing the soil
Wood navigation
Bla bla shuffelings what to be what

8 c64 tipping 60 a minute about how many signs shift mudthrowing about not12000000Tippings before1989or thi hi walking....

8 computer Tippings as secunds

7 stone clearing the soil for food evolution acvomulatuon

6 wood navigation

About onions same level as carrot, and green peas as 2

Then evolution dentency ROM setting activation of tax grey cauldron fails

outbursst about and pushings about queen and prime minister of 9 times universal income of domestication development of bio weapons for ego proffetierigns . bla bla about ego tunings to insanety and not resigning shfit about demokracy as doctoring finding out infinity 

output the earlyer telemetrix .... regent rules lowest ruled possition of specie in regentcy and then the cyberpunk games.... arriving fundamentals and aliens form the more .... = universal income philosophers as minimum and then the futher games for allocation and embeddings for evolution for all into eternaty.... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAT EMAIL

quantom computering maby 


x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 x5 team responcebillity denail collaboration as rebirth quantom comptuering by non osmosic æljkææaljkaljkæ

ongoing hysteridcal evorlun destiaon totures fixaiton fadein pljkasdlkj bal bla about sharing psychaitric behaivoru of the cyberwar algorihm shift about  duo up to the quantom computer wenn the tax collaps 

ending the ai linary 




of the cyberwar sickness ..... 

commentrey maby 

that magic teleportaiton clonings only are possible by quantom computering magic bookkeeping allocations outnurst robomouth adding pahtetic morph smile.... 

that wenn closing the grey mid cauldron then duo up toture teams to individual all eternaty quantom computering thi hi buhu what you ogin got do aobut it..... 

shift about personal restricktions as importent parameters in cybersecurity.... infinity graduation..... 

pathetic dumb as fagot molecule production overlaering

youtube interesstingfor example orb looping interesstingspaused aobuttimeorbing to individual consiones

live suggesationcyberwar orb designs as buhu what you going to do aobutit 8 years with contamiantionsthi hi ...

about brain destrualton and replacement by philosophical for example live multi tuned multi brain destruckatoinswith overlayerings making audio alteration youtube pasuedaddignhsteri c team clonings allso desiger5er orbings overlayerigns .. all f

shift interesstingwith overlaeringplayigndubdumb about copying communication adding domestiaton destrucktoin communication in directory navigations shfit about owner shipof computering and designer communicaiton tron tradings shithole toutes totures

plakldljksuper fagot mitleiry officer rom controler idiot again outburst ups oppotunist roboeyes and hitlerpolice fadeins

not live shift about same 5er 5er domestication of the 8 levels of nazist criminal eu public service workers.... about groupe criminals as max prism subdirectory level 5 and so possible to create 8 levels sup directory imitation of 8er cube by acceleration consumption navigation

live addings about you having turned to a consumer ..... shift still ? and live fadein domesaiton idiot adding electro sickness electro influenza live addignpaused blockcahinedallocation combination of motoric and micropohonerom of the groupe criminals

shift about sickness as spionage .... spy and updater as dj twinns.....

to become imuneagainst dj twinns.....

cyberwar center


police spionage

political incompetence

justice groupe criminality

milterylive suggest responcebillity denial groupe criminality as ? then only moneythievesmaby different individual responcebillity shift police allsocopying that


king religion individual all eternaty ruling own ruled low

thi hi

KONTAKT 0HQ~computering e-mail